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Week ONE NFL Picks!

September 10, 2009

FINALLY! The NFL is here! It’s time to start with all the picks and predictions!!! We all have an opinion and I am no different my friends! So without further delay here are my picks for WEEK one of the NFL season!


TEN @ PIT – Give me the Burg at Heinz Field

JAC @ IND – Colts lost a lot of leadership but still trump Jags

DET @ NO –UPSET OF THE WEEK!!! Give me the LIONS, the losing  ends here!

PHI @ CAR – Too much Philly talk, give me the Panthers

DAL @ TB – Bucs are going back not forward, I got the Boys

NYJ @ HOU – H-Town HAS to get off to good start, Houston in this one.

KC @ BAL – B-Town is way too strong, Ravens.

DEN @ CIN – Give me the Bengals here, Denver has drama

MIN @ CLE – Brett’s old but AP can carry his old @$$

MIA @ ATL – The Falcons take this one

WAS @ NYG – Sorry Eli… Redskins take it.

SF @ ARI – Cards get ‘em.

STL @ SEA – The Rams win this one, Jackson 100+

CHI @ GB – Tough game, Packers too good all around though

BUF @ NE – Brady is ready to rock, Pats easy here.

SD @ OAK – Chargers win this game & the division


There you have it! Week One picks strait from the GM…




Best 3rd Option RB...

September 9, 2009

OK so you’re draft is done and you’re all set. Ready to hit the ground running… right?


Well it’s easy to see who your starters are when it comes to RB’s so there’s no need for a top 10 list or top 20 for that matter. So what I’ve done is made a list of the top backs out of the top 20 that would be the best to have as your 3rd back or in your flex spot.


1.       Leon Washington – If this guy is your 3rd best you’re in great shape, congrats on a great draft.

2.       LenDale White – Johnson will steal carries but White will get all the punches from the goal line.

3.       Chester Taylor – Has a great case for being the best RB2 in the league, still amazing.

4.       Jamal Lewis - I just believe in this guy for no apparent reason… go figure.

5.       Darren Sproles - Lightening Bug… nuff said.

6.       Ricky Williams – Anything can happen when you wild cat it up.

7.       Chris Wells – Potential, potential, potential… Plus I ain’t sold on Hightower.

8.       Ladell Betts - Portis is great but the mileage on him is getting awfully high.

9.       James Davis - Young , exciting and explosive… what’s not to like.

10.   Glen Coffee – Committed to the run (again…) lots of ground game for the Niner’s

Well that's just my opinion... we'll let the season decide how right or wrong that is.



Pros VS. College

September 8, 2009

What up hommies…


Did you have a good weekend? A good THREE day weekend? I did as well for the most part.


It was particularly good to see that real Football is only a week away. Yea, yea… I know what many of you are saying “but GM, college football HAS ALREADY started” and yea I noticed. However I’m just not a college football guy! Sucks I know but I just can’t bring myself to care for it…


 Many of you are saying “Dude! Did you see the Miami/Florida game last night???”. To that I answer, yes. I did catch that. One thing that I do love about college over the NFL is the atmosphere. It is without a doubt 10 times better BUT other than that… give me the pros. I guess I’m just an ole NFL junkie who is to stubborn or loyal  to wander off somewhere else looking for my fix… I’m just a pro-guy not a college guy.


Do I need help? Then help me! Tell me why I absolutely have to get into the college game.


Email me at yearofthegm@gmail.com




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