H O L L A l H O M M I E  

"Why Holla? Because you're determined to know what's really good..."  


HOLLA ENTERTAINMENT... Currently, Holla Entertainment is the sole backing of HollaHommie and that is the centralized hub where you can jump in and simply be entertained on multiple levels. We're still developing all the site's features and plan on rolling out more very soon. The site currently features GM of theYear as he attempts to entertain the masses with via blogs, shows and various content, PLUS chime in on which hotties are worth Holla'n at to you and more... it's HollaHommie.



Before "holla" became one of the GM's definite catch phrases, it started out being just a normal way of saying "all right call me later"...

Well GM wanted to establish a presence as a frequent caller to a local radio station here in town. He did just that. More importantly than his calls were his emails though. Several of his emails were read on-air almost daily. At that time his alias was simply, Spy. And every email closing was the same... Holla -Spy. 

After some time doing some pro-bono work for that local station's website and a few voice impersonations featured on several promos, Spy started to use the Holla logo you see to the right to brand his work. It was used on all his creations that were posted on the station's website.

The Holla logo proudly displays its Houston roots by the star and the H barring resemblance to the throw back Astros logo. 

Spy later became known as GM of the Year and evolved the Holla... logo into an online pod cast. The show enjoyed a good deal of success but was short lived due to the former site's transition. 

Today "Holla..." is aimed at becoming one of the top entertainment outlets on on the web... 

Holla Entertainment... Class dismissed. 


ORIGINSGM: GMoftheYear/Founder

In 2008, GM quickly established a fairly decent following on YouCastr.com with pod casts such as "Holla..." & "Houndz of Glory" (feat. Serie). However it was his RHF (Rock Hard Fantasy) a fantasy football show which garnished him top show of 2008 honors at the YC Awards that year...

Today, GM is focused on looking towards the future of this site and its development. RHF season 2 is HERE, so look for us right here on HollaRadio! This Fall...


Find, Follow & Holla. 

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ORIGINSSERIE: Serie/Co-Founder

Serie started a show called "iTalkSports" on YouCastr.com in 2008, the show later became "The Smoke Break" due to the fact that Serie and Co-Host simply known as "Mitch", would actually stop mid-show and really take a smoke break. The show later earned him an award at the YC Awards for "Best Show Not Enough Peolpe Listen To". Serie has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the sites most real individuals. Serie later partnered with GM to form "Tha Houndz of Glory" which was another show that enjoyed a successful following.

Today Serie's focus is on... well, that's just it. Who knows if Serie is ever focused on anything period... He is looking to return in the near future.

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